Welcome to Long Walker Hikes!


  1. Chronicle my hiking trips.
  2. Provide info on  hiking trails.
  3. Gear reviews and updates.


 My very first hiking trip was in the swamps of Big Cypress. From then on my love of the outdoors was forged and I was hooked. 

  I remember my first pack, it was an old external frame pack from JC Penny’s or maybe Sears. I carried canned food, a sterno stove and a Boys Scout mess kit. Boy, those were the days. A lot has changed since then. Now it’s an Ultralight pack, ultralight gear and best of all, no more sore shoulders!

 While serving in the Military, I kinda fell out of the outdoors lifestyle. Many years later, I was watching a YouTube video and my interest was peak once more. Since then I haven’t looked back.


  I hope that this Blog will help the Beginner as well as the seasoned hiker. My goal, is to provide insight as well knowledge about the outdoors. I  also will share info on trails and promote hiking in the great state of Florida.






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