Initial Impressions of the Enigma Quilt.


 Yesterday, I recieved my long awaited quilt from @enlightenedequipment . I ordered my Enigma quilt, from @trailandera.  I purchased this quilt, because  I was tired of freezing my tail off while, hiking  on colder trips. My 30 degree quilt wasn’t cutting it, when  temps dipped down to the teens. So I ordered a enlighted equipment enigma quilt.

Specs of the Enigma Quilt

  1. 800 DownTek GDD
  2. Rated 10 degree
  3. Reg length
  4. Reg width
  5. Black 10D nylon (inside)
  6. Olive 20D nylon (outside)
  7. Quilt storage bag 2.3 oz
  8. Quilt stuff sack .7oz
  9. Quit attaching straps for pads .8 oz
  10. Weight of bag 23.6 oz 

Initial Impression

My initial impressions of this quilt went over and above in quality. I was blown away with the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail on this quilt. Their are no flaws in the stitching of the quilt and the construction. Before I purchased this quilt, I read every review I possibly could. After getting my hands on this quilt, I’m not disappointed at all. I plan on putting this quilt to good use this winter. When my testing is complete, I will do a complete review.

Customer Service

Let me talk about @trailandera whom I purchased the quilt from.  Trailandera’s customer service, is definitely  there for the consumer. They really valued my business and when I had questions about my order it was answered immidiatley. When the order was fulfilled I recieved a personal email  letting me know the current status of my order. I truly value excellent customer service in a business and I will be a customer for life! 

Note: I’m not an employee  nor am I an Ambassador for @trailandera or @enlightenedequipment just a very satisfied customer.

Thanks for Reading!

Long Walker 



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